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Time: 2019-06-17  Source: Hubei Perfect Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd  Author: PERFECT  

                On the morning of June 14, 2019, our company's representatives participated in the event organized by the Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone to "build integrity and build credit Shiyan-6.14 Credit Record Care Day". According to the "Shiyan City Action Plan for Strengthening the Establishment and Deepening the Construction of the Integrity System" and the "Notice on the Declaration of the Integrity Industry and the Integrity Unit of the Shiyan City Technology Development Zone" and other documents, the first batch of integrity industries were selected through the procedures of reporting and soliciting opinions. 7, There are 8 credit units, 1 credit demonstration block, 7 credit demonstration stores, and 13 credit enterprises. We are honored to receive the title of "Credit Enterprise of 2018 in Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zon。wHVChina Perfect.Truck arm

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    "People can not establish a business without good faith, business without good faith does not thrive, and the country can not be strong without good faith."Integrity is a kind of intangible resource of enterprise, it is a huge driving force for the development and growth of enterprise, and it has a great impetus to the long-term development of enterprise.wHVChina Perfect.Truck arm

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