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On April 17, in this spring and sunny day, a group of Guangdong customers came to our company's Hiti new car, which was received by Huang Hongwei, our deputy general manager, and Zhang Zhihua, the general manager of the region. They also discussed the improvement points of the use of the vehicle and held the on-site delivery ceremony. At present, we have successfully delivered seven clearance vehicles in the agreement. Let Xiaopa show you around these vehicles first.微信图片_20190604155114.jpgmrxChina Perfect.Truck arm

 mrxChina Perfect.Truck arm

The delivery vehicles are Dolica 3-ton car carrier and Tianjin 5-ton car carrier. Dolica 3-ton car carrier is a heavy-duty vehicle, and the flat plate is widened on the basis of the original flat plate. The company is also authorized to be "perfect Special Service Station". The customer's service ability is very strong. He not only manages automobile rescue company but also has his own maintenance service station. Later, he will replace our company to deal with all kinds of affairs after sales of Perfect vehicles in Dongguan.微信图片_20190604155131.jpgb14628f58862663ffea4df4d70786d08.jpgmrxChina Perfect.Truck arm

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