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Time: 2014-12-12  Source: Hubei Perfect Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd  Author: PERFECT  

 To enrich employees amateur life, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force,further the brother units’ connection,Economic and technological development zone labor union committee of Shiyan held an interesting sports meeting in 12th DEC. ,2014 at Shiyan fifth middle school.vk8China Perfect.Truck arm

运动会全景.jpgvk8China Perfect.Truck arm

Tug -of-warvk8China Perfect.Truck arm

拔河.jpgvk8China Perfect.Truck arm

Closer heartsvk8China Perfect.Truck arm

心心相印.jpgvk8China Perfect.Truck arm

获奖证书.jpgvk8China Perfect.Truck arm

 vk8China Perfect.Truck arm

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