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Time: 2012-01-12  Source: Hubei Perfect Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd  Author: PERFECT  

表彰大会.jpgQckChina Perfect.Truck arm

     The company successfully held a work summary and commendation congress of 2011 in 18th Jan. 2011.After the host announced meeting’s beginning, the congress started. Fistly, Jin Chaohua, the chairwoman of PERFECT made a speech about summarizing all the work over the past year just, commended the sample truck project customized group and awarded the members. Then, Shi Qunxing, the general manager of the company, analyzed and commented on the past year’s work. After the speech, he published the prize-winners in the “who am I” speech contest, and awarded the two winners Liu Jiao and Ma Xuewen. Next, the host announced and the chairwoman awarded Zhu Yanping and Kang jun, because they are named special award of merit in 2011. In the end,all the meeting’s participants standed up and sang the company’s song (Sincere Heroes).The meeting came to an end with the sound of singing. After the meeting, all the stuffs took photos in front of the company’s door. Hereto, the work summary and commendation congress of 2011 finished.QckChina Perfect.Truck arm

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